About Us

The Collectors Mark was created out of the need to provide a safe place for Australian collectors to share their love of the vintage and the rare.

Frustrated by existing platforms with complicated, expensive and ever changing fee structures, the goal was to simplify. A single commission with no hidden fees and a site specifically curated for Australian collectors.

Australian collectors are unique. Their passion, respect for each other, and knowledge of the history and importance of the pieces they collect is second to none. They not only preserve, but are a part of the living history of a nation 65,000 years in the making.

We celebrate the indigenous, the immigrant, the local, the veteran, the individual and the collective; every artist that has left their legacy on this landscape.  Most importantly, we celebrate the collectors, whose responsibility it is to carry that legacy on for future generations.

This is a site built by collectors, for collectors.

We hope you make this site yours.


The Collectors Mark